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MYRA - The Authentic Gujarati Thali Restaurant

“The Authentic Gujarati Thali Restaurant” A traditional flavour emanates from this restaurant, where each area has its own character and reflects the type of cuisine offered. This is apparent not only from the delicious spread, but also from its subtle yet distinctly decorated interiors. From the green patch outside, to the glowing handies inside, from the rich russet walls adorned by eye-catching Rajasthani paintings, to the piped folk music in soft singsong melody – all jointly contribute to the ethnic Gujarati-Rajasthani ambience.

The bright colors of the upholstery is heightened by the traditional uniforms of the stewards. Men clad in Rajasthani outfits welcome visitors into the restaurant. Rajasthani paintings decorate the walls on one side, where intricate artwork called Molela (work in terracota, studded with mirror) and ethnic rangoli paintings (Mandana) done by artist from Rajasthan, embellish the walls adding to the rustic ambience.Delicious Gujarati and Rajasthani vegetarian food is served to almost 64 guests at a time. Our cooks are from Rajasthan and the menu changes daily, both for lunch and dinner.These traditional spreads are prepared with the same old fanatic care and fuss the Guajarati’s and Marwari’s remember. The spread is so delicious; it could send every taste-bud tingling. This authenticate Thali can also be enjoyed in 100% PURE SILVER set with some royal touch in spreads. Come and experience this fine authentic cuisine at its best during Lunch and Dinner time at our Myra Restaurant.

VEGA – Multicuisine Restaurant

"Buffet Lunch” A discerning spread for food lovers. On the menu are a wide variety of mouth -watering exciting culinary delicacies. Indulge yourself in elegant surroundings. Served at our Multi cuisine Restaurant VEGA. “Surya’s High Tea” It’s a bonanza for those who missed the lunch and when dinner is far away. Served between 3:30 and 6:30 pm. A very ideal package for Birthday and Kitty parties on budget.“A La Carte Dinner” Here we serve a rich array of Mughalai cuisine along with our regular menu. The Mughals valued beauty and grace in every aspect of life: in art and music, in the accoutrements of daily life and above all in fine cuisine. The cuisine is a confluence of several influences, Indian and Foreign. It also blends the class and refinement of North Indian with sauce and spice of the South. The intermingling of aromas and fragrances, tangs and flavours, colours and textures, has resulted in the evolution of highly seductive kind of cuisine. Also on the menu are choices of Chinese, Italian, Continental and Indian delicacies.

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