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History & Heritage

History & Heritage

History-Heritage2 Vadodara was earlier known as ‘Vatapadraka’, which means a village amidst the banyan trees. According to archaeological findings, the human habitations existed in Vadodara since prehistoric times. It passed through the hands of the Guptas, the Solankis and the before the Marathas conquered it, Vadodara was under the reign of the Gaekwads from 1734 till independence and was the capital of one of the most powerful princely states prior to independence.

Vadodara witnessed a Golden ere during the reign of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in 1875. Vadodara progressed tremendously during this period as the Maharaja attached great importance to education and economic development, He made primary education compulsory and established a university.

Soon after Indian independence, Vadodara was merged with the state of Maharastra, which was later divided into the states of Gujarat and Maharastra in 1960 , with Vadodara becoming a part of Gujarat.

Sayaji Baug, also known as Kamati Baug is situated on river Vishwamitri. It was built by Sayaji Rao III in 1879 A.D. and covers an extensive area of 113 acres. The museum is considered to be one of the most famous museums of the country. It was constructed in 1894 and was designed by the famous architect R.F. Chisholm. The Picture Gallery building was added in 1910 and it houses excellent collection of originals by famous British Painters Turner and constable and many others. The Egyptian mummy and a skeleton of a blue Whale are major attractions for those who visit the museum. Other treasures include the famous Akota bronzes dating the 5th century A.D.A collection of Mughul miniatures, a full-fledged gallery of Tibetan Arts etc. The museum houses a rich collection of art. Sculpture, ethnography & ethnology. Several of the painting are not only original but masterpieces at the picture gallery. It also has a skeleton of a blue whale and Egyptian Mummy.

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